How to Get a Working Holiday Visa

If you've done a bit of international travel, theres a good chance you've heard of working holiday visas. If you haven't - its basically a visa offered by different governments that lets you live and work in their countries for up to a year. How do you get one? Simple - you just have to apply. The challenge though is preparing to go and live in another country. On this site, you'll find some good info about all things involved with traveling on a working holiday visa.
A Working Holiday?
Never heard of a working holiday visa? Heres some Q & A about them to help you understand a little bit more.
Working Holiday Visas
Find out which countries you can go to here, who you need to contact for eligibility, and how to apply.
Travel Insurance
Its a necessity and also a requirement to apply for a working holiday visa in some countries. Its helpful to have for when things go bad.
How to Find a Job
The work part of a working holiday requires a job. Here are some books about practical advice and strategies for finding work in a foreign land.